My Biography Written With The Help Of ChatGPT

Sheryle was born in the Philippines in 1977, in Angeles City nestled between the capital Manila and a volcano that would later destroy the old Clark Air Force Base that brought Sheryle’s father and many other G.I.s to the Philippines. Her mother, a strong and resilient woman, raised her alone in a small home without…

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Top That! A year in review.

2018 Highlights Sarah turned 18, graduated from high school and started college. Alli turned 16, learned how to drive and commands the first year cadets in ROTC drill. Michael and Sheryle celebrated their 20 year anniversary. Michael and Sheryle bought CauseLabs. Sheryle was on the front page of the Dallas Business Journal. CauseLabs won four…

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Will Your Job Continue To Exist?

CauseLabs Team Zoom 2017

Technology has vastly transformed the job landscape and companies that thrived for decades found themselves behind the curve or worse, bankrupt and destitute.

We are at the beginning of this crazy SciFi rollercoaster. Technology continues to evolve and the pace of it is exponential. Some of these new innovations disrupt entire industries. I keep asking myself, “Will my job be relevant in five years? How about ten years?”

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My relationship with water

Children smiling at a water well

One of my earliest memories is as a toddler. I was sitting in a large metal basin not quite half full of water. We were outside and my mother was bathing me. I don’t know why or how I remember this, but I remember it like a photograph even though there were no such pictures.…

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6 Ways I Manage My Emails

Image of a mailbox by daria-nepriakhina-6030

If you could eliminate emails completely, would you? Some have labeled email as the bane of our existence, but it is an amazing tool that transformed our communications. We no longer need to find an envelope, buy a stamp, and wait days or weeks for someone to receive and reply to our snail mail. Brilliant!…

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Is there a better way to assess our data?

Co-working on laptops around a table

As someone who works with and in the technology space to identify problems and inefficiencies, I am embarrassed at how infrequently I look at my own own tools and processes. Here’s an example and lingering challenges I have that others might help me solve. We use JIRA for project management. However, when a project is…

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The Women’s March is only the beginning 

"We are better than this" sign at a protest

The Women’s March on Washington was a resounding and united call to action to defend women’s rights, civil rights, human rights. Whether or not you participated in one of the nationwide marches, it was on our minds, part of the day’s conversations, and in the news. It was a monumental event as the largest protests…

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1840 Hours

A monkey silhouetted by the sun

Those of us that work a full time job of 40 or more hours a week, spend almost a third of lives at work. For years now, I’ve been driven by passion and purpose. Yet, despite enjoying my work and being proud of the positive change it makes in the world, I find myself weary…

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Capable of more

Headstone of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

This Monday, we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Shortly before his assassination in April 1968, Dr. King told a group of striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee: “We’ve got to give ourselves to this struggle until the end.” Since then, we’ve seen huge changes, but we still silently suffer from our perceived differences. I want to…

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The Art of Negotiation

Women having a discussion

Last weekend, I gave a talk on The Art of Negotiation. When available, I’ll also post the video of my talk. Here are the biggest takeaways: Everything is negotiable. It’s all about the relationship. There are fears on both sides. Know your value and also understand what you do and don’t know. Stand your ground. Some…

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