The World We Know

“The exploration of truth is an ongoing process.”

Step into a world of boundless curiosity and transform your thinking. "The World We Know" explores the complexities of reality, perception, and the power of our shared human experience. Sheryle Gillihan shares personal stories, case studies, and compelling examples that highlight the malleability of truth, the strong influence of our social environments, and the beauty of diverse perspectives.


Discover how embracing different viewpoints can reshape your understanding of yourself and the world around you. With actionable insights, this exploration invites you to question, reflect, and navigate the intricacies of our collective reality. Empower yourself to positively impact the world as you challenge your beliefs and expand your horizons.


Sheryle Gillihan is an esteemed leader, entrepreneur, and social impact advocate. As the co-owner and CEO of CauseLabs, a public benefit corporation based in Texas, she has demonstrated her commitment to using business and technology as forces for good and growing positive impact. With a career marked by innovation and purpose, Sheryle has garnered recognition for her exceptional leadership in the field of social impact.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Sheryle treasures her role as a wife and mother. She shares a loving partnership of over 25 years with her husband, Michael Gillihan, who serves as the co-owner and CTO of CauseLabs. Together, they have raised two remarkable adult children, Max and Alli, nurturing a close-knit family unit.


Sheryle's journey began in the Philippines, where she was born into humble circumstances and raised by a single mother. Her life took a transformative turn when her father, a US Air Force Tech Sergeant at the time, returned from Korea and united their family, immigrating to the United States of America. Sheryle recognizes the privilege bestowed upon her as an American citizen, providing her with opportunities that her earlier circumstances would not have allowed. However, she keenly felt the weight of her mother's sacrifices and struggles, driving her to make the most of the opportunities afforded to her.


Inspired by influential figures such as General Colin Powell, Sheryle understood the transformative power of her environment and harnessed it to fuel her personal and professional growth. Her experiences as a first-generation immigrant, married with her faith-led entrepreneurship, and her military experience both as a dependent and a soldier have shaped her perspectives and strengthened her resolve to make a difference in the world.


In her role as an author, Sheryle brings a unique blend of objectivity and personal connection. Drawing from her own experiences, observations, and aspirations, she weaves a narrative that speaks to the essence of her journey. The topics explored in this book are intellectual endeavors and deeply personal expressions of her quest for understanding, empathy, and acceptance. Sheryle courageously shares true events, her own stories, and stories she has heard to provoke thought and inspire action.


Throughout this book, Sheryle emphasizes that her truth may differ from others, yet it is through these diverse perspectives that growth and transformation can occur. It is her earnest desire that this book catalyzes awareness, empathy, and acceptance—an urgent call to action for building a more compassionate and harmonious world.


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