Building Connections

Life is about connections. We’ve been learning this since kindergarten. Connection is more than just knowing someone. It’s about recognizing the ways our lives intertwine. Some people are naturally adept at social interactions. While they may have a talent, it is a skill; it can be learned and perfected. Talents that are not recognized, used…

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Don’t just stand there.

Don't Just Stand There

Ideas lead to invention, thus, many of us are stingy with our ideas. We fear that if we share our ideas someone else will build it before we get the chance to build it ourselves. The problem with this thinking is that often times, we don’t build the majority of ideas we keep secret. An idea…

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Do it right.

CauseLabs Discovery Workshop

There’s great value in iteration and I’m a strong believer of building towards a minimum viable product, but I also strongly agree with the old adage “you get what you pay for.” The first time my husband deployed overseas, he asked me to mail him a CD player. Digital music was already on the rise and it…

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Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Magnifying a face

Does your company ask you to provide constructive criticism to your colleagues? It’s common practice and it’s a good one, but I find it challenging to put negative feedback into a happy sandwich. Honestly, I’m not sure the happy sandwich works on anyone past elementary school because we all expect it. In the end, all that…

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To Plan Or Not To Plan

Photo books

Last month, I begged my parents to write their wills. Dad’s response was disappointing, “I’m not dying yet.” Last week, Dad was taken to the Emergency Room after suffering from multiple small strokes on the left side of his brain. For the first two to three days in the hospital he couldn’t stand, walk or speak…

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You’re Gonna Find Yourself

Sheryle Gillihan

When I think about who I want to be when I grow up, I imagine myself as more than I am now. More generous, more focused, more relaxed, more tenacious, more compassionate, more inspiring, more humble… Then, as I think about who I was and how far I’ve already come, I wonder if I’ve arrived.…

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You Are Amazing

Sunset reflecting in the lake.

As a parent, I’m guilty of confining my children to a box of socially acceptable norms and each time they stray from those expections, I struggle to teach them what they should be doing and find myself further berating them with the rules and potential consequences of their actions. As a boss, I’m different. I push my…

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Do You Read Enough?

Kindle Reader

I’m told that successful people read habitually and their success is in part due to their intense consumption of knowledge. That all makes sense, but who has the time to read that much? I tried to read a book a week, but I failed because some books were bigger than others and some weeks were…

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Live on Purpose – Day 10

Sheryle at Queen Esther Orphanage in India

Read Live on Purpose if you have questions about the structure of this post or this 10-day challenge. Day 10 – Resolve to Live on Purpose We’ve made it to the end! Days 8 and 9 were like making New Year’s Resolutions. Some of your answers may have included “I will eat healthier” or “I will watch less…

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Live on Purpose – Day 9

Overhead view of people walking in a city square

This post intentionally short and challenge-based. Read Live on Purpose if you have questions about the structure of this post or this 10-day challenge. Day 9 – Remove Your Threats Yesterday we thought about the activities that would make our lives more purposeful. Now it’s time to make a list of things that you should remove so that…

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