Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Does your company ask you to provide constructive criticism to your colleagues? It’s common practice and it’s a good one, but I find it challenging to put negative feedback into a happy sandwich. Honestly, I’m not sure the happy sandwich works on anyone past elementary school because we all expect it. In the end, all that matters is the feedback and how the other person reacts to it. Hopefully, it’s anonymous.

Here’s the thing, what’s bad is bad and there’s just no getting around it. Say what has to be said, but know the difference between bad and different.

Being different from each other can be a valuable strength. Without a healthy bit of conflict on your team, you won’t get anywhere good.

The point of a team is to allow each person to play their unique role. Some of those personalities will naturally rub others the wrong way and that’s to be expected. If you eliminate one or more of these people to build a “happier” environment, you inevitably weaken your team. Excluding differing perspectives will leave you with blind spots.

So, respect the challenges that you face as a team because that is what will force you to ask the right questions, look at every option and find the best path forward. Continue to wrap all that negativity into a happy sandwich and find ways to help each other grow stronger.

If you’re comfortable, you’re content to be complacent. Good luck with that.

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