You’re Gonna Find Yourself

When I think about who I want to be when I grow up, I imagine myself as more than I am now. More generous, more focused, more relaxed, more tenacious, more compassionate, more inspiring, more humble…

Then, as I think about who I was and how far I’ve already come, I wonder if I’ve arrived. At what point do we plateau? I think I’ve already found myself. I think I’ve found my purpose. I feel like I’ve found my true north and I’m living into my dreams every day. In life and in work I continue learning and changing, but I’m only making minor tweaks for improvement, not major shifts in thinking or direction. Is it possible that at some point, I will stop becoming more and just be enough?

Am I enough? That is the big question and it’s crazy that I even bring it up because I know the answer. I find myself with other leaders thinking or saying “you are enough” and yet we’re still on a quest to find ourselves. So, in the words of Corrine Bailey Rae “you’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.”

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