Live on Purpose – Day 7

This post intentionally short and challenge-based.

Read Live on Purpose if you have questions about the structure of this post or this 10-day challenge.

Day 7 – Define Your Purpose

If you’re seeing this for the first time, I would not recommend starting with Day 7 of this challenge. Hopefully, you’ve worked your way through each daily exercise and have a good sense of your purpose.

If you’re still stumped, pull out your lists from previous days. From Day 1, find patterns in your answers. What things strike you as more important than the others? Look at your opportunities and match these up with your strengths and your core values. This is not a 1 to 1 match. One opportunity may utilize all of your strengths or align with all of your code values. The opportunities with the best match are ways to bring more purpose to your life and/or your work.

Write this down as a sentence that starts with “My purpose is” and fill in the rest. This isn’t forever. You can tweak your purpose statement as you better define it or as your life changes. If you’re willing, I’d love to see your purpose statements as comments in my blog.

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