Is there a better way to assess our data?

Co-working on laptops around a table

As someone who works with and in the technology space to identify problems and inefficiencies, I am embarrassed at how infrequently I look at my own own tools and processes. Here’s an example and lingering challenges I have that others might help me solve. We use JIRA for project management. However, when a project is…

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Do it right.

CauseLabs Discovery Workshop

There’s great value in iteration and I’m a strong believer of building towards a minimum viable product, but I also strongly agree with the old adage “you get what you pay for.” The first time my husband deployed overseas, he asked me to mail him a CD player. Digital music was already on the rise and it…

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Behind the Scenes of Project Scoping

User flow maps

This past weekend I gave my first WordCamp talk. I slipped away from my practiced talk several times, but I think that’s okay because it was fun and it spoke more to the needs of those that were in the room. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a really amazing discussion. I do…

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How to “Right-Size” a Project


If you’ve been a project manager for a while, then you know that when a client says, “can you send me a scope of work?” that means, “tell me how long this will take and how much it will cost.” If you’re new to project management, then you have all of this to look forward to and whether you’re new or rather experienced, here are some pointers to help you along your way.

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The Best of Agile

Development Cycle

Are you and agile project manager developing software for not-so-agile stakeholders? Perhaps you’re product owner wishing for a more agile manager or development team.

Here’s my advice: When all else is in question including the scope and the budget and the timing of milestones, put the people first.

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Partner Solutions: A New Paradigm for Digital Services

A paper boat on the water

The most important thing about choosing a team name or title is ensuring it reflects your job both internally and externally. What’s in a name? At CauseLabs we have three core teams that make things happen: the Creative Team, the Tech Team and the Partner Solutions Team. While the first two are fairly straightforward, Partner…

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What is the perfect project?

Fortune Cookie

I spent some time thinking about the perfect project and realized that even across my small team, all with very similar goals and personalities, the answer differs vastly from person to person. For some, the perfect project is analytical and manages data and reports. For example, such projects include apps that measure social impact, dashboards…

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