Will Your Job Continue To Exist?

CauseLabs Team Zoom 2017

Technology has vastly transformed the job landscape and companies that thrived for decades found themselves behind the curve or worse, bankrupt and destitute.

We are at the beginning of this crazy SciFi rollercoaster. Technology continues to evolve and the pace of it is exponential. Some of these new innovations disrupt entire industries. I keep asking myself, “Will my job be relevant in five years? How about ten years?”

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The Art of Negotiation

Women having a discussion

Last weekend, I gave a talk on The Art of Negotiation. When available, I’ll also post the video of my talk. Here are the biggest takeaways: Everything is negotiable. It’s all about the relationship. There are fears on both sides. Know your value and also understand what you do and don’t know. Stand your ground. Some…

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Don’t just stand there.

Don't Just Stand There

Ideas lead to invention, thus, many of us are stingy with our ideas. We fear that if we share our ideas someone else will build it before we get the chance to build it ourselves. The problem with this thinking is that often times, we don’t build the majority of ideas we keep secret. An idea…

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Do it right.

CauseLabs Discovery Workshop

There’s great value in iteration and I’m a strong believer of building towards a minimum viable product, but I also strongly agree with the old adage “you get what you pay for.” The first time my husband deployed overseas, he asked me to mail him a CD player. Digital music was already on the rise and it…

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Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Magnifying a face

Does your company ask you to provide constructive criticism to your colleagues? It’s common practice and it’s a good one, but I find it challenging to put negative feedback into a happy sandwich. Honestly, I’m not sure the happy sandwich works on anyone past elementary school because we all expect it. In the end, all that…

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How I’ve Come to Love Sales

High Fives

A couple months ago, I gave a presentation on the topic sales despite my aversion to sales. I cringe at the sound of the word and yet, in June of 2014 I found myself promoted to Director of Partnerships at CauseLabs, managing all of our relationships and, that’s right, sales. What I’ve learned in the…

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Behind the Scenes of Project Scoping

User flow maps

This past weekend I gave my first WordCamp talk. I slipped away from my practiced talk several times, but I think that’s okay because it was fun and it spoke more to the needs of those that were in the room. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a really amazing discussion. I do…

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Reality Check: If you build it, who will come?

Empty Stadium Seats

If you derive hope from the Field of Dreams story and  recite the ever popular “if you build it, he will come” quote as your reasoning for building without logical rationale, you may be in for a disappointment. In a tech savvy, well-connected city of potential app users, you would think that your awesome app…

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Reality Check: How Failure Can Lead to Long Term Success

Illustration of business man in a gear

I had the great fortune of failing on my first project. Yes, you read that correctly and it was not a typo. I know it doesn’t seem like the type of thing one would be proud of, but I gained something from that experience that I continue to look for in other projects. I was…

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Is your organization a social enterprise?

A woman in a hijab clapping

What is a social enterprise? Social enterprises are organizations whose primary purpose is to serve the common good, and whose strategy applies business disciplines and market-based strategies to achieve social or environmental missions. Social enterprise models There are two social enterprise models: Non-profits and For-profits. Non-profits utilizing business models and the power of the marketplace…

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