Children at the Kewatia Compassion International SchoolCrowdSeed harnesses a community’s wisdom to translate scriptures into their heart language. The results of this project reported the true power of crowdsourcing to immediately increase community impact and while we continue to innovate on the platform, we know that community involvement has a wealth of benefits that cannot be ignored.

As my first “great cause” project after making a career move from the financial services industry, CrowdSeed changed my perspective on work and clarified what I think I’ve always known: My passion is for helping others. I had made the right decision to change jobs, despite how hard it was at the time. It’s not every day you get to travel across the globe to see how your project is changing lives for the better. I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity, but also gained lifelong friends in the process.

While designing and developing CrowdSeed was a daily challenge, I enjoyed every minute of this project. We were pushed to share ideas, discover new ways of doing things, and in the end re-imagined the Bible translation process to accelerate translations, involve the community in ownership of the project, provided language development, and positively impacted communities, which led to a growth of church planting in rural villages in Northern India.

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