How to “Right-Size” a Project


If you’ve been a project manager for a while, then you know that when a client says, “can you send me a scope of work?” that means, “tell me how long this will take and how much it will cost.” If you’re new to project management, then you have all of this to look forward to and whether you’re new or rather experienced, here are some pointers to help you along your way.

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3 Reasons to Consider Mobile First

Man with a cell phone in a market

1. Your Audience is Mobile. Trust me.

Need proof? I can understand your need to crunch numbers since redesigning your website is a daunting undertaking. This Infographic makes the data more digestible:

The truth is, more and more users are viewing websites on mobile devices.

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Learning to Innovate

EMP Museum wall in Seattle

We often look to other leaders for inspiration, guidance and motivation. Gandhi has always been one I quote often. One of my favorite quotes is: “Live as if you were…

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